Meeting the Maker of Nipper&Co

Nipper & Co is a small mum-run tea business, making organic herbal infusions and teas for mums and their growing families everywhere. Herbs in blends are traditionally used to support your families’ wellbeing. From pregnancy, nursing, colic, relaxing and sleep to immunity and giving you that often needed pick me up kick when the tough gets going.

Tell us a little about yourself & what was the inspiration behind Nipper&Co?

Hi, I’m Marina, the founder of Nipper&Co, a small mum-run tea business. I make organic herbal infusions and teas for mums and their growing families. My mission is to save parents from going bonkers, with a cuppa naturally.

My personal experience of motherhood was the inspiration behind all Nipper&Co blends. With my two very important little people, Max and Adam, I faced most of those sweet troubles of parenthood and know how every little support makes a difference.

My vision was to support mamas like myself with the help of Mother Nature. I tried to bring the tradition of herbal teas, from my home country Croatia, mix it with science and what I have learnt during my studies as an agronomist and add lots of love and care while doing it and that's how Nipper&Co was born, together with our first seven blends. From pregnancy, nursing, colic, relaxing and sleep to immunity and giving that often-needed pick-me-up cuppa when the going gets tough, I tried to cover it all.

In the meanwhile, I hope the first seven blends bring lots of joy to families around. They are all crafted with great love, care and each recipe comes with true knowledge of herbs and botanicals that are known for their traditional use to support our health and wellbeing. All of the blends are hand-blended here in the UK to preserve the finest quality of whole leaves and all of them are certified organic ingredients, ethically sourced and I always look for planet-friendly materials. After all, we want to leave this planet in a good shape for our nippers.

I know motherhood is an epic journey to take, so I would like to think I am here to help fuel the way. From feeling those very first kicks to brewing for the whole brood, I hope my organic tea is with you every step of the way.

Nipper & Co creates organic herbal infusions and teas for children, mums, and pregnant women. Where did the idea come from?

The idea behind Nipper&Co started with my experience of motherhood. From going off coffee, because it smelt so wrong during pregnancy, to difficulties with nursing and yes my number one having digestive colic, I went through all these sweet troubles of parenthood and each was an inspiration for a different blend.

Your son Max helps you pick out your flavours - what is his favourite tea, and which flavours doesn’t he like?

His favourite is Calm Tummy, although the Sweet Winter Berry Christmas edition is a close call. He loves the taste of fennel, but also the smell of Christmas. Kids Cuppa is my husband’s favourite, that's how we figured out who the biggest kid in the house is.

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