Meeting the Maker of Bubba Boo

Bubba Boo is a small mum-run all natural bamboo business, making all natural, eco-friendly & bamboo bowls, muslins, toothbrushes and more for your bubba! We have loved talking to Maria about Bubba Boo and her inspiration behind this gorgeous brand of hers!


Tell us a little about yourself & what was the inspiration behind Bubba Boo?

Hi, I am Maria, mummy to two bubba boo boys - an 18 month old and an 11 week old. Like all mamas I want only the best for my bubbas, so when it comes to choosing the products for them it's all about lessening the chemicals & toxins they comes in contact with. I created Bubba Boo for parents like me who want quality, eco-friendly children’s products that are also stylish, functional and affordable.

Why was bamboo products something that was important to you?

Bamboo is a natural, renewable resource that supports a healthier lifestyle (and the planet). It has an amazing growth rate and produces very little waste. Did you know that bamboo has been known to grow as much as 100 centimeters in 24 hours making it one of earth's fastest growing plants!

Does your little bubba have a favourite Bubba Boo product?

Yes my 18 month old loves his bubba boo toothbrush - my husband and I brush our teeth at the same time with the mummaboo and daddaboo toothbrushes and he copies! My 11 week old can't sleep without his bamboo swaddle blanket!

As a working mama, do you have an advice/tips for other mums thinking about starting a small business in the mummy & baby industry?

It's a struggle to balance time spent on the business, family and a full time job if you are still working. Just keep plugging away at it and most importantly don't be too hard on yourself. Having a support group around you is very important in keeping you sane! Luckily my friends and family are very understanding and always willing to help. It also helps to join some sort of networking group,

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